We are Iron LAN.

"Be Awesome or we'll turn off your network port!"

Formed together in 2019 by NoSnow3 and Mattz0r. Iron LAN is a new up and coming gaming community for awesome people like yourself.

We're not aiming to become just an event, we want to build a community and family of awesome geeks and gaming enthusiasts!

If you like gaming and like pizza, you should probably check Iron LAN out!

To seek the infinity stones!

.. Seriously though, we're aiming to provide the best possible LAN Party experience we can. We're always open to suggestions and feedback. We feel that the community runs the event - If the community wasn't there, we wouldn't have an event to put on!, we're just there to make sure you don't blow anything up! ;)

We don't want to be too serious, but we don't want to be too laid back either. With careful structure and the right atmosphere, we feel that Iron LAN will be the place to be!

IronLAN is ran by two friends. Matt & Matt who share a passion for both gaming and providing top notch LAN Party entertainment.

Between us we have more than 15 years worth of experience running, attending and helping out at various LAN parties around the country.

We've decided that it's time to start one of our own and look forward to meeting lots of new faces on this journey.


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