Hey everyone,

This is an important announcement. Due to some last minute notice from our current venue regarding some maintenance work being carried out during the week we hired it, we are no longer able to use it. We have been frantically searching for an alternative. 

We were given this notice approximately two weeks ago, we have held off putting an announcement out until we were 100% sure as to what was going to happen.

We are pleased to announce that after a few weeks of hard searching and negotiations we have secured a new venue. IronLAN's first event will now be held at Bagworth Community Centre (LE67 1BH)

We have booked their front hall, which shall be large enough for both the gaming set up and sleeping.

As we are in a different venue we would like to inform you of a few changes;

Please note - The seating has been removed and a new seating plan created, you will need to re-pick a seat on the seating plan -> https://ironlan.co.uk/events/ironlan-1-we-love-you-3000#seating

The venue is probably in a better location, being more central. If you have any questions please contact us via @admin on the Discord Server.


IronLAN team


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